Broken molar /min-pin x.

Hello , thx for any helpful comments. 
I have a 7-8 yr old Min-pin x older dog. Her teeth are in poor shape. She gets gas easily from new food (obviously I don't change it now.) But gas still "startles " her.
I LOVE HER SO MUCH,it's killing me that I can't figure this out for her.
Is there a Vet/qualified person who is willing to help her with a broken molAR and gum issues. Please. 



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Reply To: sadiebean

(Cont'd. Sadie bean tooth) just wanted to add that we live in Canada, Alberta, Edmonton. 
I can pay small amounts over time as I'm on disability due to severe M.V.A .
Any helpful tips.comments. or phone number to resolve this issue and ease her pain (if any) is so appreciated. !!!!

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