Is my dog considered aggressive?

My GSP is nearly a year old now and I can not get him to stop putting his face right up to mine, standing on me, and pulling while walking him on the leash. He has never bitten me, never growled at me or even gave me an inkling of being aggressive in that manner. He plays well with children and plays well with most other dogs that don't get annoyed with him being all up in their business. Does anybody have any thoughts or suggestions on how to stop these behaviors? Also, I walk him around 5-10 miles a day and also exercise him because he is a very high energy dog, which is what I wanted to help me with my PTSD from my years in the Army and the Air Force. Please help! :)



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Reply To: johnserelly

Halty harness, or go to a training collar, make sure it is for the size of your dog.  Works wonder's with my male dobie.  After awhile you can just put it on and his whole behavior change's, and that's with it not being charged.

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