The Congenital Hydrocephalus in my dog

Hello, I feed a toy poodle in China. Now i study in Germany.
My dog's name is Bao, 4 years old, 1.6kg, shoulder height:20cm.
He had some symptoms on 21 Nov. 2016. He only could slant his head,couldn't straighten his head. He couldn't control his pace well, he kept to turn around in a place.
Doctor told me that he got Congenital Hydrocephalus when he finished the Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) checkup on 23 Nov. 2016.
The doctor suggested that use the expectant treatment to keep his life.
Bao's simulation became stable when he used the medicien called mannitol, at the same time he kept using Prednisone and Mecobalamin to protect and repair his nerves.
He became better after 8 days treatment. Now he can control his head and pace, But sometime he still turns around in a place about 40 seconds and then he can sit. He always stare blankly one place for 2 minutes or longer time.

I want to bring my dog to Germany.
I need to consider many problems.
Whether he can come Germany by airplane?
I can't sure whether fly will hurt his brain again.
Whether there are better treatment in Germany?
Which hospital and treatment is better for my dog?



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    I dont know about that doctor, but if this happened after riding in a plane, i'm going to guess it's vertigo.  Try the vertigo exercise's, can be found on youtube.  and see if that doesnt correct it.  Just use the eye exercise's, will have to hold his head still and get a snack, his eye's will follow.  Broken ear drum possible.  Vertigo will correct itself on it's own but the exercise's are a quick fix.

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