Crate for Strong Pit Terrier

  The main goal of this post is to find a crate that a dog can't break out of or chew her way out of order but her head and break the gate out. Here's my story . I just rescued a 55 pound female terrier pit mix she is so sweet and lovable she follows us around the house from room to room everywhere you go you only place you can go to the bathroom but she said it's outside the door you can't leave her because she whines and yelps when being left alone i think  probably from  having her puppies taken from her or from being abandoned .  We are going to invest in some obedience training but my question is she's gone through two crates into weeks she can break out of both of them and broke the other she doesn't like being in there because she doesn't like being left alone but when we are home she loves to go in there and lay and take her toys so what kind of crate trained 

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