Kitten peeing out of litter box


I've recently welcomed two 10 week old kittens into my home, a brother and sister from the same litter. They have their litter box which they both use, however the female for some reason pees in other areas of the house when I arrive home from work, or when I release them from the kitchen/conservatory area in the mornings. So far she has peed on the sofa in the lounge and on the door mat. There is no sign anyway that she pees whilst I am out or during the night. It seems she only does this once I return home. 

Its become a regular thing now and she does it in the morning, then again at lunch when I pop home for an hour and once more when I first get home. All other times she uses the litter box. 
She is definitely not ill as I've had the Vet check her over, but I'm at a loss to understand why she does it and how I can stop it. Any advice would be much appreciated. 



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cats do not like using the same litter box.  I used to have the same problem until I got the second litter box try it.  duncandog



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Hi Duncandog, 

We have two litter boxes, but she is still doing it... once we are home and everyone is relaxed, she uses the litter box consistently even going in the box a second or two after her brother, but for some reason makes a show of peeing elsewhere in the first few minutes that we are home.. I'm totally confused by it... 

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