Sudden breathing problems

after reading the stories and trying to find a reason of why my cat died, I realize that this all isn't as uncommon as it seems.  I feel for all of you who have lost your fur child.

On Saturday I was going to get in the shower when I had the urge to turn around.  When I did I saw my precious Jaxton under the bed with his mouth open and drool coming out.  I rushed over to him to find he was turning blue.  I immediately  called my partner to get help and the vet told me to bring him in immediately.  He started crying and projectile vomitted more clear fluids.  I packed him up and took him into the vet.  They put him into an oxygen tank and gave him some pain meds.  We watched him for about an hour and he wasn't getting much better.  The vet came in and said there wasn't much we could do other than keep him in oxygen until he passed  or to put him to sleep.  He said he may have had a clot go to his lungs or heart.  This can be brought in my heartworms or he could naturally have this problem without any signs or symptoms.  I didn't want my baby to suffer so I held him in my arms as he fell asleep from the medicine.  Before he passed and was still in the oxygen tank he head butted the glass to show me how much he loved me.  I will never forget that because it was his last sign of affection.  I buried him under the tree where he always watched the birds.  He was an indoor cat like most of your cats.  He was only 5 years old.  Unfortunately from reading there aren't many ways to avoid all of this from happening.  I will forever miss my little guy..

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