Need answers please!

my beautiful little cat named ashes passed today my heart is completely broken I'm writing this in complete tears as I tell you all the story, she was a indoor long hair cat, I work from home full time and watch my son at the same time so thru out he day typically she sleeps either under neath the couch or the bed and today it felt strange too me that I couldn't find her and i had a strange feeling that I needed to check underneath my sons crib and when I did I pulled out the drawer that he has and sadly she was under there dead my heart is broken,I took her into the vet and they are asking a high amount of money too do the texting too see what happened,she's a healthy cat no problems and for her to die like that seemed so odd she was healthy and never had issues I just need closure to what happened to my baby girl I can't afford that test 😞😞 some please help me  



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Hello Samara,
My heart goes out to you. I have "lost" several cats and each time it is horrible, and then it gets better, and then another teacher comes into my life. I have written a book, Purrs & Promises, in which I describe the passing three of my cats, and the incredible message that one of them brought to me. Part of what I learned is that each cat is unique and brings to its person love and lessons that it wants to teach you. I'm sure, if you stop to think about, that your little one brought you many messages of love and respect. I believe that cats choose when they are going to leave us, when the job they took on is over. And I also believe that some day we will be reunited in some form or other. 

Do not take on any guilt. She obviously loved you very much, and your little human child as she chose to leave with both of you present and near. She may have had a heart condition that was never diagnosed, or may have had a heart worm, or diabetes, things not obvious to their caretakers. If this was so, there would have been NOTHING you could have done to prevent her passing. Many many people, including myself, have gotten visits from pets who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge. If you have not read that beautiful poem, google it and be comforted. There used to be an online grief support group for cat lovers (my computer is giving me fits when I try to search something so you will need to do it yourself. Be gentle with yourself, close your eyes, and send all the love in your heart to your departed one. 

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