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Bichon Lovers are reputable breeders! 

"Acknowledged for being responsible, trustworthy 
and highly regarded for the health, temperament , 
beauty and size of their adults and their babies."
We take a Holistic approach to our Breeding program choosing food for nutritional value and not price.

We are natural rearing Bichon breeders.

The Power of a Healthy Immune System in Animals
through natural living.

We provide a very personal service, offer years of knowledge and on going puppy guidance at no extra charge. Health certificate, a written guarantee and CKC reg.

Canadian and International Championship bloodlines. 

Pups get a veterinarian wellness exam. 

Raised in a relaxed healthy smoke free homewith an all natural nutritional program and lots of tender loving care. Visitors welcome. 

References from happy puppy owners available. Pick a Puppy or when available one of our retired Bichon girls!

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