Puppy Yawns and Yelps/Vocal/Whine

I have a 6.5 month old puppy.  I got her at 2 months. When I first got her I noticed she would occasionally Yawn and Whine/Yelp when she was tired and we were walking.

Now at 6.5 months she seems to do this Yawn/Whine/Yelp more often.  I take her to run each morning for 30 minutes then we go on her 15 minute slow walk in the neighborhood. A few hours later the Yawn comes in, with the Whine sound.  

She seems to be fine, no limping, loves to eat her meals, and play.  Could she just be a vocal dog, or bored,  Just trying to understand.   Thanks



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Reply To: cadreamin

Dogs vocal yawn for different reasons. Our lab, Chelsie, vocal yawns when she's stressed; like when she's riding in the car. She jumps right in, sits down, and is excited to go on an adventure, but she will still stress yawn to help herself relax.

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