Sudden Kitten Death



In Cats

Our kitten passed this morning at about three am. He had no symptoms two days ago, his symptoms began yesterday around ten am. He was extremely lethargic, unable to walk correctly, was not blinking his eyes, was cold in comparison to our other kittens, and seemed very out of it. We tried calling all available vets in our area (we live in Cambodia), and they weren't able to see him until the following day. We had arranged to take him first thing in the morning, and have given him some milk and egg mixture that seemed to help perk him up a bit, but during the night he passed. We had been checking on him hourly, and while he seemed very weak he was still fighting. We're heartbroken and there is no autopsy for cats available here. We're frightened for our other kittens (who we've been watching very carefully since the onset of his illness) and our dog. Has anyone experienced anything like this? I'm afraid that it might've been viral or contagious for our other animals. 

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