My beloved ginger girl Tomita passed away

Hi all,
  Our much loved kitty, named Tomita (we changed the name from Tommy once we realised she was a girl!) passed away yesterday. She was fine in the morning, no issues at all - but when dad came home from dropping mum of to work, within the hour, he noticed that she was lying down underneath her favourite chair in our patio. In her last moments, it looked like she was trying to reach her safe place but didn't make it. She was almost 10 years of age, and she had such a good life with us. It was difficult making the 1 metre grave for her, and then much harder to wrap her up in my dad's jacket (her favourite sleeping mat!) and then covering her with her things - her food plate, hair brush - and her toys.
  I haven't lived with them for many years, but Tomita was my comfort in the cold days, the silly days, the stressful days and the best days - she loved my daughter. She was such a good girl. We could swear she though my mum (Tomita's rescuer) was her own mum. One time, when my mum went overseas for a 2 week holiday, Tomita spend 3 days waiting outside the bathroom for her - not eating, nor drinking. Such loyalty in cats doesn't surprise me. When we found her yesterday, she was lying down, her tongue slightly out - with some saliva, her paws and face were wet. I estimate that it was either choking on a hairball or undiagnosed kidney/renal problem due to the diet our vet made her go on (Purina teeth something or other). Before that, when she was good, we just fed her raw meat but she lost a tooth and the vet said we should giver her dry food to help sustain dental health. Anyhow, we always look for a cause or someone to blame - but all I can say is, thank you Tomita - and thanks to our Creator for the momentous joy you brought to us all. Goodbye Tomita, we miss so much.

Thanks for reading.

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