How did he die?

I have been searching online for answers, but I don't really know.......

My cat Scooby Doo, a neutered male, aged 5, died on Good Friday, no signs leading up to his passing, of anything wrong.  No sign of poisoning or impact damage (car) but a few hours after he passed, a smell begun.

The smell was of death, a very strong rotten smell, and it was a watery yellowish liquid, leaking out of his nose.  Mouth shut tight, eyes partially open, body mostly stiff but neck very loose and a hot abdomen for hours after his passing, seven hours later it was still warm while eveywhere else had gone cold.  Can anyone help me to understand what he died from?



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Reply To: mum

Also, he did not pass anything from his rear after death, just the leak from his nose, but had been eating and drinking as normal.

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