Alopecia x in Pomeranian

I thought someone may be interested in my recent experience with Alopecia x.
My Pomeranian Koda developed Alopecia x when he was two or three years old. It was gradual with his hips and neck going bald first. His coat became dull and coarse. Then virtually all of his undercoat came out.
Our vet tried all of the usual tests (Cushings, Hypothyroidism, etc), but came to the conclusion that it was Alopecia x. I took him to the breeder of my other Pomeranian and she was of the same opinion. A friend of a friend told me of anecdotal success with a herb and oil combination. He had that for six months when his hair suddenly came back.
It lasted about a year when it started falling out again. At this point we carried on with his herbs and oil but accepted that he would always be bald. His skin had gone quite black, so it seemed the Alopecia x was here to stay.
This past July, Koda suddenly became very ill. He was taken to a specialist hospital where they diagnosed pancreatitis. When he was scanned by their high quality ultrasound, they also found his bile ducts were congested. They cured the pancreatitis, but could only offer medication to try to prevent worsening of the bile duct congestion. He was put on a dose of a quarter tablet daily of 150mg ursodeoxycholic acid, so approximately 37 mgs. a day.
He returned for a repeat scan three months later, where we were told the bile duct congestion was stable and therefore to continue with his medication for his lifetime.
Only a month or so after that October appointment, he started growing new hair on his very bald hindquarters, followed by hair on his equally bald neck.
He is now so completely hairy with a full undercoat. It's only been six months since the diagnosis. I don't know if, perhaps, Alopecia x is caused by congested bile ducts and it just goes undiagnosed. Or perhaps the regrowth of his hair is a side effect of the medication. Either way, I thought I should share this with owners of other Alopecia x sufferers.

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