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Hello All, I am here because I have and am still suffering at the hands of HCM. I am working on compiling a database of all the breeders who are producing HCM positive kittens regardless of the status of the cats they continue to breed. You see. Just because their breeding cats scan negative doesn't mean anything and they prey on all of our weak hearts in hopes that we will just except it and move on when we approach them with news of the death or oncoming demise of our loved ones. There are many breeders out there breeding cats that they full well know are producing cats with a VERY high probability of having HCM and in many cases kittens are showing evidence of these death sentence as early as 4 months old. Until we all get together and start holding these breeders accountable they will just continue to breed these cats until they themselves die of the very horrific disease they spread like wildfire. So I beg you, If you have had or have a feline love that has passed or is on it's way. Please just let me know the cattery name and if possible the full name of the parents your baby came from. I just want this atrocity to stop. Please help me and most of all help the wonderful breed we all love so much. Otherwise it will never end and the pain will continue and the grief will go on forever. 

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