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My sweet baby is 21 years old. My husband got a job out of the continental U. S. I only have 4 options. 1) take her with me and put her through hell in the manner of tests vaccination, quarantine pluse a flight!  ( the vet told me her chances of survival....less than 5%).                          2) stay with her, marriage be dammed, until she goes.                         3) give her to my sister, who she does not know, so she can wonder where I went and die alone.                                 4) put her to sleep while I hold her no matter how much it hurts.                       Please help. For 21 years I have been her mom and this whole situation is breaking my heart, I don't know what's best for her for sure. I think if she and I could talk she would want to go, because she's only stag for me.....but I'm so lost! And can't stop crying!

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