Sudden death of my cat

My cat died last Tues. noon after vomiting for 2 days. He died in my son's arms on his way to a vet's clinic. I am devastated by his death and I feel guilty not to take him to see the vet one day early. He was only 3 yeas old, extremely friendly and intelligent. He did not vomit a lot. So I thought he would recover. One year ago, he also vomited for 1 day, but recovered later. The internet says we should take the cat to see the vet after 48 hours if he is not better. Now I learned that if my cat is vomiting liquid, I need to take him to see the vet immediately. He has brought me so much comfort and fun and I was devastated by his death. I am so sad.



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Reply To: susiezhao

I felt the same way after my beautiful orange tabby, Tigger died suddenly (Nov 2), If I only had taken him to the vet a day earlier. Don't beat yourself up, someday we will be in the spirit life with all of our beloved pets. Read Isaiah 11: 6-9.

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