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I almost lost my cat tonight.
My cooking gas ran out at night,and I couldn't get it refilled immediately. Due to the fact that I always fed my cat with cooked food, I opted for the closest alternative, and then fed it grilled meat. At first,it ate without any problems(as usual)
  After about 30 minutes when I was already immersed in my study,a heard a loud and strange sound from a corner of the house. On rushing down, there was my cat,struggling to survive. Its eyes were already dilated and it looked as if struggling to breath. I tried to see if I could eject something from its mouth, only to be bitten by it unconsciously. I was so upset and confused as to what next to do while I watched life fading out of my lovely companion(only the two of us live together) out of desperation. I hit it twice on the chest,then tried forcing some water down its throat and to my greatest surprise,it appreared to work, so I continued. By this time,it had already passed out stool. I almost lost hope ,but I didn't relent.  Am so happy my cat is back to life. 

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