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hey everybody,
my wife and i have a 16 week old boston terrier puppy named rico. we love him with all our hearts, but he's a real handful at times. he's very smart, and tends to act like he can't hear us when he's doing something shady. he chews a lot of stuff up, including the "replacement" bed we just got him, and had to toss out. he playfully nips people, sometimes pretty firmly, causing pain. we walk him a lot, and even have him walked 2x daily while we're at work. but he still acts out. lately he's really been testing my nerves. i try to be a good caretaker, and when i come home from work, i always sit down with him first for at least 20 minutes. i know a lot of this stuff is just puppy behavior, and puppies are like babies. when he gets me angry, i try to keep calm, knowing that punishing a dog can confuse them. i know it makes dogs act even more stubborn. someone told me that getting rico clipped will calm him down a little bit.he does try to establish dominance with me, which is rather comical at times. i've held him down several times, pinning him down for 3-5 minutes at a time, which has changed his perspective. someone told me that even allowing a dog into your home first gives him the impression that they have the reigns. not sure how acurate that is. i really love this dog, and i hope we have him for a long time. i'm def. willing to do what's necessary to improve our relationship. ANY BOSTON TERRIER OWNERS WHO COULD THROW SOME ADVICE MY WAY? ANY TWO CENTS WOULD BE APPRECIATED.




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Reply To: billyjack

Welcome to puppyhood!! ALL puppies act like this. We raised a Jack Russel mix from 3 months to over 1 years of age and he was a handful. He loved to tear things up and it took many months to potty train him. You have to be stern, strict, and calm. There is a time and place for having fun, but pups NEED to learn the boundaries as soon as possible. Pinning your puppy down is not a good idea. He is a puppy. Not an adult that knows what he's doing. He's going to be hyper. He's going to act out. He's going to nip. That's what puppies do. You just have to train them every day and be patient but strict.

We are currently training our 10 week GSD whom we just got two weeks ago. She's almost fully potty trained, knows how to sit, come, no to nipping people and other dogs, and "go to bed". She is calmer than a terrier most of the time -- but as a puppy, she has many instances where she does not want to listen and wants to nip and play. When we first brought her home she was nipping on our other dog and on us all the time. I give a gesture and say "no" in a firm voice. Whenever she bites harder, I tap my finger on her nose and repeat in the same voice. She understood what it meant after 3 taps and would not try again to nip.

When I get home and let the dogs out in the backyard, I watch them potty and play outside but keep my distance. They come say "hi" to me and want some love, which I give. Then they run and play together. Every day is a new learning adventure for our new pup, but I will do the full on training for only 10-15minutes a day when she is calmer. Trying to force her to listen to me when she's hyper is a losing battle. When we do our training sessions, she still will walk away with her ADD moment and then come back to me. I just stay where I am and call her name and she comes right back to me and listens.

You just have to be very patient.

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