Sudden Death



In Cats

My 6 year old cat Wee died this morning. I am in so much pain.  She got out last week and ran under a tin building. My boyfriend hit the building so she would run out. We were finally able to catch her but she began acting strangely.  She started sitting on the counter and eventually progressed to the top of a chair. It was like she wanted to hear up high so nothing could get her. Saturday she was hiding behind the chair. I fixed her a comfortable space in the bathroom so none of the other animals could bother her. I thought she was traumatized by her adventure. She quit eating and drinking on her on Saturday night. I was feeding her with a syringe until I could get her to the vet this morning. When I picked her up today she made a sound like she was in pain. I wrapped her up and started to the vets. She had a seizure in my arms and died on the way. I wish I knew what happened.

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