Bringing home a Puppy: Are You Ready?

Do dogsfascinate you? Are you ready to love an animal and spend some time with a furrybuddy? Owning a dog is indeed a delightful experience, but a hugeresponsibility along with several lifestyle changes and financialconsiderations. They love unconditionally and will be there with you no matterwhat mood or situation you are in. In fact, research states that dogs can helpalleviate stress and lower blood pressure too. Dogs come in different shapesand sizes and not all breeds are the same. So, weigh your options carefully andgive it due consideration before you get one home.

Why do you want a dog?

Dogs need love,care, attention and most importantly your time. So, first prioritize as to why youare looking for a pooch. Are you looking for a fun playmate for the kids,someone who’d be around for walks, or someone who needs to safeguard the house?Owning a dog is all about loving and living with them and making the necessarychanges that leave you and your furry friend happy and comfortable.

Do you already have dogs at home?

Bringing a newdog is based on how comfortable the pooch is at the shelter. If they get alongwith other dogs, they are bound to be comfortable at home too. However, if theyare aggressive, the chances of being easygoing at home are rare. Also, are youready to take on the additional responsibility of another dog? There will be anadditional expense for food, treats, and snacks apart from the extra pet toys, training, medicalemergencies, dog clothes, etc.

What about the financial commitment?

Bigger dogs willeat more as compared to smaller ones unless they have special dietary needs andrequirements. So, can you meet the expenses of the care and upkeep of your pet?Are you ready to make an investment for the veterinary bills, grooming, andother pet supplies it may need? Cutelooks come with a price too, right?

How much time do you spend away from home?

Be honest with yourself.This is extremely important for a dog because dogs crave love and attentionjust like us humans. If you are not home very often and cannot arrange for apet sitter or walker you have a very unhappy pet on your hands.

How big is your space?

Different dogshave different needs and requirements. That little pup you spotted at theshelter may turn out to be huge and won’t like or be at ease with the currentspace you are in. Thus, rethink the breed if you feel the need to.

Be it a puppy,adult, or senior dog; you need to ensure you’re fully prepared for theresponsibility, not just with the dogaccessories, but even the little things such as your time.

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