In memory of our cat Squeak

He was onlly 11 years old. We rescued him from the edge of a drainage canal in Chalmette, LA, the year before Katrina. He was so tiny, and had been abandoned by his mother. He fit easily in the palm of my hand, and his eyes were not even open all the way. The were little slits, just beginning to open. I bottle fed him, every two hours. I brought him to work, and kept him out of sight, so I could keep him nourished. I even had to teach him how to pee! He had a crazy set of lungs and we all laughed about how much noise he could make, as tiny as he was. He grew into a gigantic cat. Up until a month ago, he weighed almost 30 pounds, very muscular, with huge paws. We called him our "House Puma" and always suspected that he had some swamp panther in his background. That's bow big he was! He had recently been to the vet and was being treated for a routine UTI, but all of his blood work was ok. He suddenly died Friday night in my husband's lap. We think that he had a solid tumor cancer, that would not have shown up on his labs. We are just devastated.

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