Help - Cat shot with BB gun, arm broken, high vet bills.

Hey everyone, Long-time reader, first time poster here. Looking for some support and advice from fellow cat-lovers. Last night, my cat Sora (1 1/2 yr old orange tabby) came crying and nursing his left-front leg. It looked like his leg was broken, so I took him to the emergency 24-hour animal hospital, where they took x-rays and determined that someone shot him with a BB gun! This resulted in a fractured bone (see x-rays below). Because they're an emergency vet, they didn't have the right materials to fix him up completely, so they put a temporary splint and some bandages on him and recommended that I bring him to the real vet on Monday. The emergency vet bill came out to $1000 dollars when all was said and done, and the doctor said the vet on Monday would cost anywhere from $400 to $1000, for a potential grand-total of $2000. I'm on a very tight budget, so this is way more than I can afford, but I really have no option. I'm trying to work out a payment plan to pay this over time, and my friend suggested I run a GoFundMe campaign to try and get some donations to help pay the bills (link here: - any contributions, however small, are very much appreciated). I'm on here seeing if anyone has been in a similar situation with their cat, or if anyone has advice on how to handle this, and of course any kind words are much appreciated. This all just happened so fast and is very stressful. I can't believe someone would be so cruel as to shoot an innocent cat with a BB gun, but there's nothing I can really do about it now.

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