Sudden Death



In Cats

Such a sad story I just have to tell it.  I have 2 wonderful beautiful siamese cats, both rescued from an animal shelter.  Nick was 5 when we adopted him and he would now be 10 years old. Our other cat is a 4 year old snowshoe siamese and she is adorable.
  Last week we adopted another beautiful little siamese cat and have been acclimating her to her new surroundings.  Today I let Nick in the room, with me present, to gently introduce him to the new cat for only a few minutes. He sniffed the room, ate a bit of her food, saw her. She is timid and went and laid down and hissed at him. He hissed back and I gave them a few minutes together and then separated them. Nick was a bit perturbed leaving the room but seemed ok.  He positioned himself on my bed, his usual daytime spot.  Later in the day I went upstairs to check on the new cat in her room and noted Nick lying on the bed. When I went over he was gone!  He had just died in bed and looked like he was just sleeping.  I am still in shock about it . He, in fact, had a Vet appointment tomorrow morning for his annual check up.  I don't know what to say or do. It is hearbreaking and unfathomable to us.I can only say my prayers for him, hope that he did not suffer any pain and will rest in peace.  Thank you for listening.
Devastated in Maine.

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