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Last week my cat started to refuse his snacks and for him that was unusual.  He always just went somewhere and plopped down so his energy wasnt anything new however on Monday he seemed more down and didnt eat antthing really could have been a few days and I wanted to take him to Vet but hubby said no not eating isnt anything to go to vet for.  I woke up tuesday morning and my hubby said you better take him in he isnt breathing great.  So I rushed him down there about 12 min ride and he was screaming his usual i hate this cage and i know where were going dont do it so that was nothing new. When we got there the vet took him and he was screaming --- she came out and told me his heart was enlarged and went through too much info but bottom line is he has cardiomyopothy.  She said he was in critical condition so she put him on oxygen --I came back to see him and he just seemed to get upset when he saw me and was crying out for me but I wanted him to calm down to get oxygen because they had to stabilize him and then we were gooing to take him to pet cardioligist.  I went home and no sononer than I got there she told me he was worse and the next step would be intubeation--i said do what it takes to keep him alive.  When I arrived they were suctioning the liquid from his lungs and hand pumping (breathing for him) and lacix wasnt drawing the liquids out.  He was half knocked out so I just watched and when my husband came we talked to vet who said his survival was grim.  So we did what we thought would be best for him and put him down.  I am devistated and play it over and over in my mind--He was screaming doesnt that mean he had decent lung function? Did I jump the gun and couold have saved him?  I miss him terribly.

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