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My cat is an older cat but I've only had her 2 years, her last owners couldn't keep her any longer. Last year she went without fleas. This year, she started with the black eggs, I now brush her often with lemon juice or vinegar. 

I just started this because I didn't realize the problem. or residue. I don't know if it's fleas, food allergy or what. She's also had the same food for the two years I've had her, Friskies Senior Salmon.
Now this roughness began 2  months ago beneath the fur and seems to be upper chest and head only. When brushed or combed I now get this grainy looking tan colored residue.
Please help Saki, she is so miserable.
Thanks, Fred  



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Reply To: fredzv

It may be fungus or if it is somthing living or moving thing then can be fleas. You must take care of your cat. Use best shampoos i am giving a product link which might be helpful for your cat.

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