Not sure what is wrong with my

My dog seems to have an upset stomach, shes been eating grass to throw up and just is not herself. She had diarrhea but that has stopped. All tests came back negative for anything( blood test, fecal, xray) The vet suggested an expensive barium x ray but I cant afford it. She still has bursts of energy and you would think she is completely fine, and then 5 minutes later goes to eat grass. She doesn't eat it as much as she was but its been 5 days now and shes still not 100%. The vet said I give her Pepcid so I have but I cant even tell if its helping her. Shes also been on a bland diet. Does anyone know what could be wrong?



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Well lots of different types of infection exist with dogs, I think it happened due to infection and all. Just give antibiotic and all will fine.



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For an upset stomach, try some inexpensive, home remedies that I have found helpful in the past. HAM. Most dogs and cats will devour this and then it makes them thirsty. They eat and then drink. Another popular remedy is pumpkin, solid pack variety that is found in cans for making pumpkin pie. If there is some kind of blockage going on in the intestinal track, this should do the trick. GOOD LUCK!

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