Cat has pica! Help!!!



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My little orange tabby has had 4 surgeries in a 6 month period. She has a need to eat soft plastic. First time she ate a nipple from a baby bottle. Second time was a chunk of corn on the cob. Third time was part of a Wii remote cover. Fourth time was part of a silicone oven mitt. She's currently on Prozac for her pica. However we had a scare a few weeks back and she ate, but three up a soft mouse you. And now I'm not sure what she ate, but she's not eating. She's acting how she was when she had intestinal blocks. She can't physically have any more surgeries. She's been on medication for over 3 months. But she seems to still have this problem. Had anyone been through this? I need someone to talk to and get advice from. I'm at such a loss and I don't know what to do. Has anyone been in this situation?

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