HELP! My 14 week Siberian kitten is not eating like before!!

My Siberian kitten was eating up to a can a day of nature's instinct chicken flavor plus some dry kibble of Orijen. He would run to where I would put his food and eat very happily. But then 2.5 day ago when I got home from work I noticed the some of the wet food I left in the morning was dried up because it wasn't eaten completely and there was still some dry kibble. The quarter of wet food is always eaten by the time I leave for work., but not this time. So when I got home I cleaned and washed with soap his bowl like I always do before feeding, and when it was time to feed he chased after me like always, but when I put his food down he would smelled it and backed away meowing. I never experienced this. So I thought maybe after 3.5 weeks of the same food he wants change. So I gave him lamb..he ate a tiny bit then stopped... I then gave him rabbit....nothing... then I gave him salmon. he ate that but reluctantly. I decided to try raw food from nature's instinct... he didn't like that either. so I tried hand feeding the chicken flavor again, and he finally ate that way... I put the food on the hardwood floor..he ate that way but still not that much. i don't know what to do!!! I will go the vet this week to make sure there is nothing physical. He is not a huge eater, but then he weighs only 3 lbs. He is a very tiny kitten, but doc said he was not underweight. I'm trying to get extra weight on him since I got him, and now this is happening. AGH!!!!

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