Rough Collies - What did you observe when you had one?

What can you tell me about the rough collie that is not typically written in a dog breed profile about them? (I am utterly in love with the breed and would like to know more- thank you!)



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One of the most unique aspects of a Border Collie is their superior intelligence. Experts often refer to Border Collies as the rocket scientists of the canine world. Border Collies are also known to be highly sensitive to their handler’s cue - whether its a whistle or a raised eyebrow or even a hand signal.   Another unique aspect of a Border Collie is their unique stare, also called “the eye”. The stare is supposed to be so intense that nothing can escape from it. The stare or the eye helps the Border Collie to herd sheep and keep an eye on them.   The third aspect which is absolutely unique to this breed is the ability to move quickly in a crouching position like a stalking cat. The gap between the shoulder blades helps the collie to move quickly and herd efficiently.

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