How long will it take to train a dog about basic things.

My husband bought me a cute little Pomeranian for my birthday this year. Although I love dogs a lot, this is first time I own a dog. I don't know first thing about training a dog. How long will it take to train him then basic things. We tried to walk him. But he is reluctant to do so at times. This can be a problem since we both go to job every weekdays some time in future we may need to use some dog walking service. I am worried if he is not walking any health issues may occur.



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Dogs learn very quickly, you just have to be consistent and you will be surprised at what they can learn. My Terrier mix use to be terrified to go on walks when he was a puppy, he was also scared of baths. But as he matured and when continued to make he baths and walks a rewarding experience (treats, exercise) they grow to love it. You will find that the hardest part about training your dog is if you are not consistent.

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