Orijen and grain free diet

I recently brought a new puppy into my home and have been hearing a lot about people wanting to feed their dog a grain free diet. I think it sounds good and all, that dogs should only eat meat and not any grains, but as humans we need grains to help provide us with energy.

The argument against feeding dogs a grain free diet is based on them not being able to digest them. But from what I have learned, dogs can actually digest grains, but only certain types.

Can anyone help clarify whether or not feeding your dog a grain free diet can actually have a positive impact on keeping them healthy?



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Hope you found a decent food for your pup. With all of the brands on the market right now, its hard to find one that is actually good. Grains aren't actually a problem for dogs. There is a lot of marketing against them right now as a result of diets like paleo, gluten free, vegan, etc., and we've done a great job at humanizing our pets. It is true that dogs need meat, but they also require grains, fruits, and vegetables. Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they only eat meat. But in the wild, dogs graze a lot. In fact, when coyotes take down some type of prey, they usually eat the intestine first, which is notably filled with grains. Another interesting thing to note is that dog food is currently being marketed to help dogs return to what they would eat in the wild. However, the domestic dog has been bred so far from what they used to be in the wild that their systems generally cannot handle the "all natural" or "high protein" diets on the market today. Blue Buffalo is the most common brand right now, but its protein content is so high that many dogs cannot handle it. While many animals eating a food such as this present with loose stool, others experience extreme weight gain. Science Diet, Eukanuba, Iams, Purina ONE or ProPlan, and Royal Canin all offer good foods that can be customized for your pet's needs for their stage in life, and aren't usually seen as causing issues like other brands. Ignoring tv commercials and google searches is always best when it comes to pet foods as people tend to get a little emotional. Foods like Blue are certainly not the worst thing that you can feed your dog. Beneful, Ol Roy, Alpo, and Purina Dog Chow are also fed quite often. However, they are full of fillers that offer no nutritional balance. Having fed Blue, a homemade raw diet, and an organic/ grain free food whose name currently escapes me, I'm pleased with what I've found in Science Diet.



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Thanks for your detailed feedback!  Its so hard to pick a food that is good for your dog.  I am defaulting for the more expensive brands, just because I figure they have it all figured out. Will also plan on talking to my vet to see what she has to say, but I betting its something similar to your choice in food, Science Diet or Royal Canan.

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