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Hi, good morning. I just want to rely my dog's condition, my dog is vomiting and having a diarrhea, and I noticed that he's poop having a blood. What do you think the problem is? What will I do? Can you give me an idea of what should I do. Please do response. Thank You..



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hi there,

I was reading you comment and i'm sure by now you have taken the dog to the vet but for future visits theres a program that will save you alot of money if this problem or any others ever occur. It saves money on visits,medication, and even food. A good friend of mine told me about it and since I signed up for it its saved me money on 2 trips to the vet and the medicine for my dogs smelly ear infection. I hope this helps!!!



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Yes you shared good information with your post for us. Thanks for it.

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