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So my partner and i got a 7 month old puppy in November, we know he is part hound since he bays after a bark, and he looks like he might have some terror in him. Well he is now a year and 2 months and he loves other dogs, but we recently decided to not live with a roommate anymore and our old roommate had a dog for Blaize to play with. So since there was no other dog anymore we decided to get Blaize a baby sister, Ember, this past saturday. They get along really well, the introduction took a little while, we think because Blaize is so loud when he is excited that it startled Ember, so it slowed the introduction process. Well since then they play well together with us having to interrupt once in a while since they get a little carried away. But twice yesterday Blaize had a little outburst towards Ember as he was waking up. He snarled and snapped at her pretty violently, and we though it might be because he was waking up and he was startled by her coming up on him, but the second time he went at her, Ember was just crawling toward me on the bed, very slowly since she had also just woken up, and he leaped across the bed to attack her. We would hate to have to take Ember back, so we are just hoping for a little input on this situation. Thank you :)

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