Surviving cat in great distress v2

I also posted this on the 'cat behavior' thread: I have been care-taking a rural home with two cats since early Feb. '14, a female and a male. A few weeks ago, a raccoon got into their living space in the garage, which meant that from then on, there was a lot of disruption around getting the cats safely into the garage in the evening. Five nights ago, after trying and trying to get her to come in, at about 12:30 AM I gave up and left her out for the night. She didn't make it. I found her the next morning. It's been devastating. I don't know these folks well, and I know she'd been in their family for most of their kids' childhood. Aside from the tragedy, I am at a loss as to how to handle the surviving cat. I can't let him in the house because the family has allergies. When I go out to get him in the morning, he's frantic, hoarse and trembling from grief, confusion, disruption, etc. I try to make a point of spending some serious comforting time with him. There's been so much disruption for him already. Just when they'd acclimated to me, I had to leave for a funeral, and get used to yet-another cat-sitter, and now this. The man of the house will be returning for a spell in a week, but meanwhile, I would very much appreciate any suggestions or advice.

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