Ideas to get dog into bathtub, to poop and pee in our yard instead of someone else's, other issues

I have a number of questions:

Our 16 month old treeing walker coonhound we adopted is SERIOUSLY hydrophobic.  He won't even go outside when it's raining (but needs exercise still!) and we only got one bath for him in two weeks.  He stinks and needs another bath but the last time we tried he nipped me.  What can we do? The only thing I can think of is take him to a groomer.

He also WILL NOT poop or pee in our yard.  He always wants to do someone else's> His former owner must have trained this.  How to change that training?

My son is terrified of him and he snapped at my son's sweater when he was waving a book around and dancing around near him and now my son has concluded the dog is horrible.  How to change this situation?

WHen we adopted him, we weren't aware that he had hook worms and Lyme bacteria.  I am very disappointed in the shelter that we weren't told or they didn't check him for it. What should we do? We are treating it but should we do anything about the fact we didn't know until we took him to the vet?

He wants to eat things that aren't edible.  We can watch him but not when we are sleeping.  We have no space for a crate for him as our house is very narrow with small rooms.  It just don't work anywhere and our basement is a flooded subbasement not accessible except from a common back entry way with steep steps. It would be impossible  to put a crate down there.  We can't police him when he is sleeping.  What to do?

He is very needy, He is fresh out of the shelter and might settle down, but he is very unhappy when just I and my son are around,  It takes the whole family around before he is happy.  His former owner also let him run wild, follow him around everywhere and never was on a leash before us.  Could that be part of his "problem"?  Will he settle down after a few weeks?  

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