Meeko our cat died suddenly

I feel for you me and my gf were at her dads 50th last night an come home to are beloved meeko passed away , there was no signs of why this happened for few weeks before he would try to cough up hair balls but never did other than that he was fine appetite was give very playful an was fine when we left to go the party , he had his claws slightly in the carpet an lieing in his side as if he was sleeping but when he has tryed coughing up hair balls he would lie on his front an stick his head out every time so makes no sense to us and we are devastated an lost an we had him booked for the vets for in 3 days time an I feel like should of used my bill money to take him weeks ago an maybe things would be different , can't stop blaming myself for it an it's killing me . If anyone has a pet with any sign if symptoms how ever mild / small like a hair ball or big it is don't wait till payday like us just take ur loved pet an get him/her checked out an sorted cause if u song an this happens to u I can tell you it's the worst,  an feels like u killed him urself by not doing somet . I hope this opens up people's eyes to how little things or big things can end up like this . Had to get this of my chest sorry people I hope this hasn't happened to u xxxx rip meeko xxxx

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