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  I hope someone can help with some insight into how to help my rescue kitty. I found him roaming the apartments where I worked when he was about four months old. At the time I couldn't take him in but I fed him daily had him neutered at six months. He was known as 'loudmouth' to the residents because he would follow them as they walked their dogs and wail. When anyone tried to approach him, he would freak out and run away. Frequently he followed residents to their doors and wailed outside for half an hour but he would never enter the apartment or allow himself to be touched. 
  Finally I found myself in a new living situation with only 1 very sweet cat and we had our first cold snap so I took him in. He was dirty and skinny and beat up but the vet gave him a clean bill of health and he got his shots. 
  I allowed a good month of transition time and it went (almost) seamlessly-- he got along and still gets along with the other altered male. They are best friends, in fact. 
  The problem is this cat who is now about 3 years old is frightened of absolutely everything. I let him choose when to be petted and held and more often than not he sleeps in the bed with me at night and cuddles nightly. He regresses and makes biscuits on my tummy for about 30 minutes a night as well. The rest of the time he is scared really easily by new sounds, people and new objects in the home. He is almost always on edge and that's what I'm concerned about.
  Is this just something he'll have to live with or is there anything I can do for him? He has plenty of hidey holes and two cat condos. He now eats Blue Buffalo food because the old food caused awful allergies for him. 
  I'm just trying to give as much info about him that I can so if anyone has any suggestions to help him not be so scared all the time I'd be very grateful. 

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