My dog "resource guards" me

I have a male neutered 4 yr old German shepherd/ greyhound mix, named Moose. I have had him and his sister since they were puppies and I have 2 other dogs that I had before. Moose seems to be "resource guarding" me. I have read about correcting "resource guarding" but what if the "resource" is me? He does not like it when my husband raises his voice or if we rough house at all. He also does not like it when I play with the other dogs or give them attention. He will get up abruptly to cut off one of the other dogs if they are coming to me. If he is not in his crate, he is sitting by me with his ears back very anxiously looking around the room. A lot of what I have read has been how to fix the problem if the dog guards the "resource" from his human. But the problem I have is that he guards me from anyone else. Moose has attacked my other dog multiple times because of this. How do I correct the problem? How to I stop my dog from seeing me as a "resource"? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :)

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