My 14yo Cat over the last wk is not eating much & last nite laid on the floor, pee & poop jst came out

My 14yo cat, who I love more than anything... all of a sudden over the last week or so, has not been as friendly or social.  She has stopped coming out to me in the morning for her daily treats, and last night she went into the bathroom and let out a fairly load "Meow".  I went in there to see why she did that and she was breathing heavy and had her mouth open.  I touched her and ran my hands over her like I do all the time and she just laid on her side and just kept breathing fast.. I then noticed that she had pooped a lil where she was laying.  She then got up and took four or five steps and laid on the ground again, but this time she pooped and then (she was on the bathroom rug) I saw what I knew was urine spreading thru the rug..  and worse, she j ust laid there and didn't get up..  I was (and still am), horrified..  I laid on the floor all night with her, and though I know she is old for a cat, I can't bare to lose my little baby Girl...

Anyone know if this is what I think it is? (The last stages before she goes?)

I pray if she goes that it is painless and fast.. I only hope I can deal with loosing my best friend..

God Bless and thanks.   Fr. Tony

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