Preparing for the End

My 14 year old girl Ozzy was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and given pills. During her next check up she hadn't gained any weight and was still having diahreah. Ozzy's vet gave her an ultrasound and found a lesion on her colon. Without surgery he cannot tell if it is malignant. He seems adverse to doing the surgery given her age and thyroid diagnosis.

I asked how long she may live with the lesion and he couldn't say. It could be months. It could be longer (or shorter).

Ozzy is very energetic. Her eyes are bright and she is still "good old Oz" inside. Looking at her you would never know that the end is near. Which makes this really hard.

I'm trying to appreciate the time I have left with her, and am treating her like a queen. How can I prepare her and myself for what I know is coming? My heart is already breaking.



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Reply To: Mariabba

I know this wont help but you will be surprised what know the end is near does in itself to help u prepare. I lost 3 of mine in recent years, the first 2 I knew the end was coming as they were both ill. The 3rd died only yesterday very suddenly and only 4 years old. I'm finding it much harder to deal with this time round than the first 2 times. 

Its never easy no matter the situation but try to take comfort by make every day you have left with her count. So there wont be any regrets looking back only good memories.



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Reply To: spofh

Thank you for your kind words. I can see how what you're saying makes sense. I wish our animal companions had longer life spans, but I suppose that just lets us open our hearts and our homes to new companions who may be in need of a good home.  I have learned so much from all of the animals I have let into my life.

Again, thank you for your kind words.  I'm so sorry to hear of your recent loss.

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