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My mixed bread dog had his right ACL surgically repaired three weeks ago. His left ACL went out a few days ago. He's in terrible pain and cannot walk at all. The surgeon cannot do surgery on the left leg until the right leg is completely healed - another month at the very least. My dog is 12 years old and also suffers from Addison's disease. After his last surgery his Addison's flared up - he was very sick for a week. I'm scared to death to have him go through surgery again. Does anyone have some advise for me?



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What a tough situation you are in.  Remember that immediately following the surgery, the dog will be in a lot of pain, but the initial burden should get easier as the acl heals.    I would hang in there for another week.  I know its tough, but I think you will be surprised how much better off you two will be in a couple of weeks. 

Since the other ACL is also torn, I would also talk with you vet about low impact exercise for when your dog is feeling better.

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