King Charles Cavalier Breeder

BEWARE! Jill Marsh or Jillian Marsh ---- A Cavalier King Charles "breeder" SHE WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND NOT GIVE YOU YOUR PUPPY! Beware of Jillian Marsh, passing herself off as a REPUTABLE Cavalier King Charles breeder. She has over 30 judgments against her, and has NEVER paid a dime. The court system can't even help you. 

She will charge you $2000 for "AKC registered" Cavalier, but never give you the AKC papers, because the puppy was never registered, and quite possibly neither were the parents.  She will guarantee their health, but many of her puppies have developed genetic conditions due to poor breading practices.  You will fall in love with your Cavalier, but it will cost you thousands of dollars to correct their issues.  She will let you pay her to whelp her Cavalier, but she will lie to you and tell you that some of the puppies died, and sell the ones that she said lived, and KEEP your Cavalier.  A judge had to order her to give the Cavalier back to its rightful owner.  She had a $4000 Cavalier who was purchased by her business partner and shipped to San Diego.  She ended up keeping the Cavalier and breeding it, and selling her puppies.  Of course it was without legitimate AKC papers.  She vehemently denied having the dog, even though she had it all along!

She is a sociopath in every sense of the word.  She has no remorse for anything she has done, and will try to put the blame of you for being "greedy" for demanding what was promised in a contract.  She will claim she has cancer, or her daughter does, to get your sympathy.  Beware--you DO NOT want to do ANY business with this woman.  She has made a living for years scamming people out of their hard earned money.

Here is JUST ONE news story about her:

She has MANY similar situations, most include people never getting a puppy for the money they give her. She will tell you that you signed a contract and she does not have to give your money back if you ask for it. 

She advertises in San Marcos, San Diego, North County San Diego, Poway, Carlsbad and Del Mar... ALSO as the web reaches all states, she will offer the dogs to anyone that will wire her money for a deposit and NEVER give you what you paid for. She has used many business names such as: Windermere Cavaliers, Gagnier Cavaliers and Baurgese Cavaliers. She continues to change the names due to her tactics of taking peoples money and being sued for the same. 
** JILLIAN MICHELLE MARSH ** Jillian M. Marsh Aliases: Jillian Michele Marsh Jillian N Marsh Jill M Marsh Jillian Michelle 
Her photo is attached.

Spread the word--
You do not want your friends and family getting scammed!

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