My 4year old cat died so suddenly...

Hi everyone,

I'm new here and looking for any possible answer that I can find. About a week ago my four year old cat died suddenly. She did not have any noticeable health issues. She was accident prone and a bit clumsy but was affectionate with a high energy level until the moment it happened, jumping up to he sink to get water and playing with my other cat. 

 my friend and I were sitting on the bed reading a magazine. She jumped onto the bed for a pet, jumped to my dresser and back onto the bed. Suddenly it sounded like she had jumped awkwardly from the bed. I thought she was just being her clumsy self. I sat up and looked on the floor at the foot of my bed and she was sprawled out horizontally. I jumped up and panicked knowing something was wrong and planning on taking her to the emergency vet clinic. My friend went to her side. As I am repeating we need to to to the clinic, my friend kept saying they she wasn't going to make it... she got that far off look in her eye. She cried out twice in what I assume was pain, and then she was gone call in all, it happened in under two minutes. 

I do not have to option for an autopsy as I picked up her ashes on Tuesday. I am absolutely devastated and still in shock. I have been reading about congenital heart defects but she never displayed any or the symptoms. My ex-bf is a paramedic and thought it may have been an aneurysm. She was an indoor car and although I got her at a shelter she was vaccinated. 

I am completely at a loss and am having difficulty finding closer. Can anyone provide some insight?

Thank you so much...



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So sorry about your loss of your precious kitty.  It sounds like a heart defect I've seen referred to as HCM.  Something like cardiomyopathy?  Not sure...

Regardless, I pray for the healing of your broken heart.  Just 2 weeks ago we lost our beloved Mr. Blue.  He had cancer and we knew his time was short.  But no matter how or when they leave us, it is always painful.  I remind myself of all the joy he brought into our lives.  It has helped some.  I know it just takes some time.

Again, so sorry and peace be with you and your family.




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I am so sorry for your loss. The exact same thing happened last night to us.  Our cat Snickers is only 4 years old.  Perfect health, ate normal, played, visited me at my computer desk where I work from home.  He likes to get in my way by walking in front of the keybaord once a day.  Always sits on the edge of the desk.  He was sleeping in his usual spot, seemed like fell off the chair and went into what I thought was a seizure.  I rushed him to the vets, it was no more than 10 minutes from when he fell to getting to the vets and he was gone.  I am so heartbroken.  The vet said it was most likely a heart condition.  Hard not knowing.  Unreal how many people have posted a similar occurence with their seemingly perfectly healthy cat.  It was so sudden.  I am just glad it was very quick without pain.  Worried my other female cat, who acted like his mother will be ok, already have seen a change in her schedule to eat.  I agree it is very difficult not knowing. 

I am grateful to posts that explain it to be most likely a heart condition that I could have done nothing about.  Takes away some guilt and what if.. feelings. 

Prayers to all who have lost their beloved kitty so suddenly, it hurts a lot.





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This exact thing happened to me on Saturday. My boy was 4. He came home and was lying there, foaming at the mouth. My husband tried to get him to the vet but he’d gone before he got there. I’m devastated and struggling to come to terms with it. I’m sorry for your loss. 

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