crossbred anatolian with pyrenees

Does anyone  have experience with dogs that are half pyrenees and half anatolian shepherd?  if so can you elaborate on positives or negatives.  I am considering getting a puppy as  a pet.  i have had a male pyrenees and he was a wonderful dog.



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I have one and his name is Fred. One big thing you have to worry about is the shedding. In the summer they look like they have snow following them. They also tend to keep more of the Anatolian traits. So big bark, Big paws, big attention whoreXD. They like to steal the show. They are very stubborn but if they trust their owner, will follow you to the end of the earth. They don't usually have any Pyrenees traits other than the fur and a bit of the facial structure. They get that droopy face and droopy eyes. One thing I've noticed in the ones I've met, is they get lonely. Mine had a dried up frog as a friend... but then we got another dog and they are inseparable. They are nacturnal as well. So be prepared to stay up all night. But they are fiercely loyal and if you train them right, will be one of the best dogs you will ever have.

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