Kitten suckles on human skin

My kitten is 3months old and since I bought her at 6 weeks old from a vet she has tried to suckle on any part of my skin which is uncovered eg; arm, neck, hand. She is a happy healthy kitten with a good appetite and enjoys the company of my 10 month old maltese puppy who just loves her. The kitten does not attemped to suckle on the puppy but any member of the family with a bit of uncovered skin is suckled on. Has anyone encountered this behaviour in a kitten? if so I would appreciate any suggestions or comments on it. Thankyou



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Reply To: sam1935

Don't worry it happened to me :)

It's nothing bad the kitten will over come this behavior, if its that bad or you rather she/him not to you can always introduce new things; toys, games, treats.. that will keep her busy and happy. Or you can put butter or something she/he will learn to lick, or possible something she isn't to fond of that doesn't hurt her. 



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Reply To: Dooley

Many thanks for your reply Dooly. Indah is a she and after having loved 2 other cats  over the years and never coming across this behaviour before I was curious to see if anyone else had experienced it. Your suggestion of putting butter on the skin so that she licks instead of sucks is great and I am going to try it next time Indah tries to latch on to my arm.

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