Heart murmur in puppy

As luck would have it the puppy I decided to purchase has a heart murmur. She is 6 weeks old and the breeder has decided not to charge me for her even tho I insisted he keep money for the vet visit. That alone has me scared and I'm wondering what his vet told him. That in itself is very upsetting. On a scale of 1-6 where murmurs are concerned she is between a 2-3. :( I've been wanting this puppy for a couple of weeks so my heart is set on her. I'm going to go ahead and get her because I'm afraid she might be put to sleep by the breeder. I will set up a profile for her in a little bit. But I know so little about heart murmurs in puppies that I was wondering if anyone has any knowledge of puppies born with heart murmurs? I'm getting her tomorrow and taking her to my vet next week. And depending on what my vet says she might have to go to a cardiologist and if they say surgery will save her I'll do it. Even if it means getting a loan. I'm sure heart surgery will not be cheap. :( Anyone have any dealings with a puppy born with a heart murmur? I also heard that it can go away as the pup gets older. But if she's a 2-3 on the scale of 6 it seems doubtful, to me anyway. Thanks!



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Sometimes murmurs in pet resolve themselves as animal matures, but many times they might be result of other problem like anemia due to infestation and like this. Other murmurs don't resolves, this starts from the birth. Your vet wants to investigate the exact nature of your puppy's murmur, and the best way to do that is with ultrasound.

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