How can I get my puppy to stop chewing?

I have a puppy. she is chihuiha. How can i get her to stop chewing without hitting her?



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Reply To: epetclubindia

Why in the world is the answer for you to hit her???? Do you know about dogs? Maybe you could study dog behavior and learn about this creature. You could end up with a dog that is afraid of hands and ends up fear biting, if you hit it with your hand. 

I rescued a small dog that was hit by someone and it was so afraid and crouched a lot. Actually, we think he finally ran away from them..Today, he is a confident, well trained dog who is a pleasure to be with. I can whisper to him and he gets what I want. I never hit him to get him to behave. I catch him doing things right and praise him.

Keep trying different things until you find a favorite thing she likes to chew on. Take the thing she is chewing on and replace it with something else.

We tried everything with our large puppy (a different dog than the above one). In the end, even though she was a 55 pound puppy, she did not want the chew things for big dogs. She wanted something small and long and thin that she could get right into her gums. Even now that she is older. I call it her Tiparillo (like a skinny cigarette). She is 70 pounds and still likes those skinny little rawhide chews that are made for tiny dogs....

Are you gone a lot? Not so good.

Are you walking the dog enough? Are you wearing it out so at least it is teething and not nervous energy and anxiety that is making it chew?

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