Degenerative Myolopathy

Can anyone guide me through the stages where 12 year old wire haired fox terrier has lost back legs now is losing control of front. He is incontinent. Freddie has an eddies wheels cart but that doesn't seem to be helping right now. Can anyone share with me what to do to help my dog. He has had the disease for over 3 years.



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hi my dog has the same disease not as far as yours though, if the dog is incontinent and losing control of his front legs im afraid there is nothing to do to help apart from keep him comfy, im not going to let my dog get to the stage as i dont think it will be fair on her but thats just my personal opinion im struggling to cope just watching my girls back legs going i know there not in any pain but they know there is something not right its about dignity. if i were you i would have a chat with your vet about her condition and in all honesty i thing it would be best to let go now.

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