Picking out a cat for my current resident cat! Advice PLEASE!

Hello everyone, new to this board but I have some questions about picking up the right kitten.

I have a 1 year - 1 month old MALE cat that is pretty energetic and a clown. Hes very very playful and only does the biting or clawing when rubbing his belly but quickly licks you thereafter. I wanted to get him a friend since he seems very lonely and would be good to have him grow up with...

My question is, I dont want them mauling each other so I asked the adoption workers what a good fit would be. They advised to get a younger cat or kitten and preferably a male as well since females can be picky and not get along. I dont mind either but a male would be great as my cat has been a good one, question is would male & male get along?

Also the kitten I found at the center is about 3 months old...I am wondering if this is too young for my 1 year old at home. I did get my current cat at 3 months old too so I know how it is. Or should I get one more along the lines of 6-10 months old. Not sure if the younger kitten would be more helpful as my cat may be more in tuned to just play with him than anything else.

Any advice is good advice, my main concern is gender choosing and age. Thank you!



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I don't think the gender would be an issue if they are both fixed.  I also don't think a 3 month old would be too young for your one year old.  The baby will let him know when/if he's being too rough.   I know this thread is a few weeks old, so hopefully you have resolved your questions by now.



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I do not know much about pairing ages, or genders, i think it really all depends on personality...

but all id like to say is if your going to get another cat, it is a good idea to get another litter box, because cats can sometimes get very territorial, marking territory around the house could become a problem, but multiple litter boxes is a good way for each to have their own space, even when they are the best of friends!

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