Vaccinations are killing my dogs

Our 6 year old Scottie got a Lepto shot a few weeks ago. The next day he became lethargic and eventually stopped eating. We took him back to the vet and he was diagnosed with IMHA. He was put on prednisone and imuran. His blood levels returned to normal but about 3 weeks after the shot he developed what appears to be a neurological issue. He has pain and weakness in his back legs and drags them as he walks. Our Westie was diagnosed with AIHA after getting a shot from the same vet and had to get blood tranfusions and needed imuran and prednisone. She recovered but the disease came back a few years later and we lost her. My question his how common is this? It seems extremely unlikely to have this happen to two dogs from the same family. We're afraid we will probably lose the Scottie as diagnosis and treatment of the neurological issue will run into the thousands of dollars. Is there a chance of recovery from this without treatment? Should I avoid this veterinarian? We are very frustrated.



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Reply To: Midnighter67

Hi Midnight.

I just got on  Saw your post about vaccine complications for your dogs.  Wondered how your Scottie was doing?  My Brittany had some kind of seizure soon after her puppy vaccines years ago.  The Vet said it was very rare for adverse reactions like that, but didn't discount it.  For the rest of her life, not often, she would have mild ones, staring and drooling.  On a different note, I am convinced that I lost an older German Shorthair (11) to the flea-tick oil (Advantix type).  It was really bad; worsening arthritis, respiratory distress, muscle wasting along her back where it was applied.  I didn't figure it out until it was too late.  

Hope all is OK with your dog.  And, yes. Change vets.  Two dogs a coincidence? I think not.

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